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About us!

:iconbloodygoodtimeclub: is a fanclub that anyone who loves Bloody good time can join. Lets revive the game and lets find other player who plays this game. We gotta play together so its not that dead!

:star: our stars! :star:

DirectoricoN by Poka-SorM The Director X

Creator of slasher classic sush as
"A Stab in the Dark" and "Two stabs in the Dark"
- Director X has become one the most notorious
and successful horror movie creators of
all time.
Ever insistent using his own crew and only
ever selecting a cast of unknown young
actors, very little is known about his
What is known is the frightening realism
he manages to inject into his movies.
If only people questioned why his stars
never heard of again...

beachboyicon by Poka-SorM
"The Surfer" A californian sufer
who'd like to make it
big in the movies.
After winning a surf
competition, he found
B-list fame by
appearing on a
celebrity island show
- a show he enventally
won by eating disgusting
insects and backstabbing
his follow competitions.

beachgirlicon by Poka-SorM
"The beach girl"The star of long running TV series
"Beach of Dreams". As she under contract
with the studio she knows the set like
the back of her hand, and because she's
quite the buxom beauty, Director X
approached her about featuring his new
As ambittious as she is beautiful,
she was never going to say no...

Gothicon by Poka-SorM
"The Gothgirl " A devoted goth with a keen interest in the darker side of life.
As the president of Director X's
fan club, she has a better idea of what to expect
than the other cast members, but even she dosent know the full
exent of his methods!
Neurotic, she has long wanted to star in his films,
and she'll let nothing get in her way!

Bunnygirlicon by Poka-SorM
"The bunnygirl" After a stint in "gentleman's" videos, this young lady
has found it hard to get a foot in hollywood's door.
Thanks to Director X's non judgemental approach to casting,
this could be her chanse! She's used to going
"all the way" for the movies, but when faced with murder
will she be like a rabbit in the headlights?

Showicon by Poka-SorM
"The show girl "Having worked as the star attraction in burlesque show
for several years, this showgirl has tierd of the nightly
routines, and all for what? Not a decent payback,
that's for sure!
She's performed for plenty of actors in her time, she
seen them splash in the cash around,
and now she intends to get in one the action!

Clownicon by Poka-SorM
"The clown"Charged with the mass murder of a group of
tourists onboard a crusie ship, the killer was freed
on a technicality.
Wifely believed to be guilty, he enjoyed a brief stint on
the talk show circuit before disappearing back into
Director X asked him to join the cast because he wants an
authenetic serial killer on board to make it "real".
Gamblericon by Poka-SorM
"The Gambler "A gambler not just the professional sense
- though he was the winnder of the last five
Cross County Texas Hold'Em tournaments
- but also in his approach to life.
This goes some way to explaining why this
milionarie has bet his fortune on him earning the
leading role!

stonericon by Poka-SorM
" The Stoner"
Surprisingly intelligent behind his misleading
exterior, this laid-back stoner has an encyclopaedic
knowledge of the horror movie genre. He has always wanted
to live out a scenario from one those movies,
believing he'd easily put to shame the stupid killer-fodder
so prevanlent in most. Well now is his chanse to
prove it for real!


1. Any kind of art can be submit here, as long it has Bloody good time characthers in it.

2. Garrysmod pictures are allowed.

3. Nude, sexuall or voilence pictures are allowed, just make sure they are censored.

4. No hate here, dont complain that The Ship is better (dont worry, I love the ship too)

5. Bloody good time OCs are allowed.

6. all kind of couple are allowed.

7. Fanfiction are allowed.

8. Have fun!
How about a contest about Bloody good time?
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elecxra Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
My brother absolutely loves this game! I would join, but join requests are down.

To make sure anyone can join, go to the "Admin Area" and then to the bit about members, there you can change the settings of what everyone is allowed to do!

Or you can invite someone using the invite tool :)

:heart: Hope that helps!
Poka-SorM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe sorry! done, now you can join! thanks for the help!
elecxra Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No problem! :heart:

But it says the group is no longer taking admins when I join. :/
Poka-SorM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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